What Turns Out to Be the Best in Bangsar Real Estate

It is always advisable to get a preliminary idea of ​​the area in which the property is located, compare it with other similar proposals that can be found in real estate agencies and make an initial skimming among all the offers, so as not to lose your life visiting houses. Go for the best, go for bangsar property for sale. You can check out the bangsar house for sale or bangsar condo for sale.

Before any negotiation with the owner, it is always necessary to see the house in person, because many more details are captured than can be hidden behind the photos.

The variables to consider in person are:

  • the general conditions of the property and its age
  • if any works, renovations and/or maintenance have ever been carried out
  • the implants (what age and if they are up to standard)
  • if it is accessible and there are electricity / gas / water connections
  • if the house is hot/cold, dark/bright, noisy
  • if the location is advantageous and there is parking
  • if there are public transport and / or shops nearby (pharmacies, markets, fruit)
  • if there is a garden or greenery to be maintained

Do the math well before buying a house

In Italy, compared to other countries, we do not have a great financial culture. Buying a house is the most expensive investment but it is done blindly: in some cases it would be better to live in rent so as not to deprive yourself of your capital, which could be happily and fruitfully invested elsewhere, yet you continue to buy expensive properties without planning.

Don’t forget the ancillary costs

When you buy a house, the taxes to be paid change if the person who sells the property to us is a construction company or a private individual. The taxes to be paid, as the case is the ‘ VAT , the’ registration tax , the ‘ mortgage tax  and the  cadastral , the’ stamp duty  and  mortgage tax. In this article you can learn more about the topic, which deserves a separate post on its own.


Choose well among independent home or condo

Do not forget that being the owner of a condominium house means paying monthly condominium expenses and other extras that can significantly increase the outlays. Houses need maintenance, not to mention common expenses (facade, antenna, elevator, etc.) and green costs, if there is a garden.

In the case of an independent house, the costs are not fixed monthly, but can be even higher because they are not divided between the condominiums. On the one hand it seems to be convenient, but on the other hand, in the event of breakdowns or damage, the costs are all borne by the owner.

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