The Mosuo Culture: Where Love Meets Feminism

Have you seen a world where women ruled? I mean literally. 

Let me show you a peek into the world of Mosuo, a Chinese matriarchal society that provides groundbreaking insights. 

The women of Mosuo fight the very cultural norms every day, but their norms are exactly that – norms. Indeed Mosuo men and women are feminists. The type of feminists that the current generation parades for. 

Women are the man of the house, or rather the woman of the house. They are the inheritors, mothers, lovers, and bosses of society. Out of all the roles, they do not hold marriage as a high accomplishment. 

They choose to be lovers and partners over muttering the words “I do” and gamble with marriage the way the rest of the world does.  Marriage is like a gamble, all about playing against the odds and taking on chances with the unforeseeable future, much like what you do at the top online casinos in Malaysia. 

As peculiar and strange it sounds to the rest of the world where we hold monogamy and commitment in high regard, women of muso only regard men as sperm donors. The children are considered fatherless, while the uncle plays the key role as the paternal figure. 

The hectic life of the world is disrupted and challenged by this peculiar culture and we get a glimpse of the world, as it would be if it were matriarchal. 

This Chinese society residing on top at the borders of Tibet is an attraction to almost all tourists. And of course, who wouldn’t be curious about them? But the attraction of the tourists and their disruption into this peaceful life and norms have caused the erosion of this culture. 

Tourists are not the only disruption to this culture and way of living. Schools have been built around the village and education is more accessible. With access to what we consider “normal things” the culture is slowly unraveling. Some of the Mosuo men and women have now walked away from their tribal village, leaving behind their traditional partnerships, the maternal bloodline, and chose to be part of the more patriarchal world.

But this does not take away the awe-inspiring strength, both in mind and physique, uniqueness, and the challenge to discrimination against motherhood and singleness that the Mosuo women have posed over the years. They are active, kind, loving, and certainly will continue to take the world by a storm. 

The kingdom of Mosuo exhibits the feelings, cultures, and traditions that the most patriarchal society dreams of- Independence, women’s rights,  freedom, and the conscious choice of feelings over constringent rules. They are moved by poetry, love, and passion above all else. 

It is also astonishing to imagine that around 60 or 100 years ago the matriarchal society was stronger and steadier than it is now. Right now we are witnessing the unraveling of society. Imagine the state of this small cultural society and how it impacted various aspects of living? 

Was it better for your mental health? Is it better to live in a matriarchal world? How influential and powerful it is to live in one? 

I hope we get to live to answer these questions and the strength of this matriarchal kingdom continues to grow. Steps must be taken to ensure the culture is not disrupted by the commotions of tourists who continue to exorcise the culture. 

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