All Details About ara damansara house for sale

Even before choosing an ara damansara house for sale or ara damansara condominium, assess your budget soberly and choose the preferred and comfortable form of payment for you. You can buy housing at 100 percent payment, in installments for several years with and without interest, with the help of mortgage lending, leasing. Part of the cost of housing can be paid with maternity capital, as well as various government subsidies. The budget and payment method can be decisive in the choice between the secondary and primary housing markets.

In general, the following list of pros and cons when buying an apartment in a new building or on the secondary market will help to determine the priorities and opportunities.

Pros of buying a secondary home:

  • the possibility of quick check-in;
  • lack of neighbors carrying out repairs;
  • Transparent cost of housing and communal services.
  • Cons of buying a secondary home:
  • maximum market value of an apartment without an investment perspective;
  • significant risks in the form of unobvious encumbrances;
  • worn out home equipment;
  • the need to make repairs;
  • heterogeneous social environment;
  • in most cases, old housing stock and related infrastructure nearby.

Pros of buying a home in a new building:

  • legal transparency of the transaction under 214-FZ;
  • insurance of the transaction;
  • in most cases, an attractive investment value and a smaller purchase budget; as a result – a higher class of housing or a larger area for the same cost;
  • special mortgage programs with a lower rate (jointly with developers);
  • in a number of projects – the opportunity to purchase an apartment with a new renovation;
  • homogeneous social environment;
  • modern technological solutions and equipment;
  • in IOT projects – new infrastructure;
  • the opportunity to take advantage of promotions, discounts, special offers, loyalty program.

Cons of buying a home in a new building:

  • the need to wait until construction is completed (up to two years);
  • noise from repairs done by neighbors, the first year and a half after the house is delivered;
  • uncertain cost of housing and communal services.

Explore options in your area of ​​interest. Consider transport accessibility (and the prospects for its development), the social infrastructure of the area. Remember that this affects not only the comfort of your life, but also the ability to profitably sell or rent out an apartment. If you have no experience in purchasing real estate in the primary or secondary market, consult with specialized specialists (realtors or lawyers) in advance in order to understand all the stages of the transaction. Be sure to go for a preview of secondary housing or take part in an excursion to a new building project.

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Fruit and Vegetables At Home: Get The Best Fruit And Vegetable Home

OnGrocer Vegetables Malaysia guarantee that you will receive the best fresh products on the market at your home (or wherever you want!). Simply place your order online and add everything you need to the shopping cart, then the experts will take care of delivering it to you. OnGrocer works with a very high turnover to ensure that the product that will be put in your order keeps its freshness intact.

Also on the OnGrocer website, you will always find a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, with a lot of flavour and at the best price. If you haven’t dared yet, this is the time to start trying our home delivery service. You will realize that OnGrocer not only delivers the best fresh product, also take care of all the packaging details, betting on more sustainable trade.

Your online greengrocer at home

Eating fruit and vegetables is essential and necessary to continue with a healthy diet. An online greengrocer helps you get all the benefits of fruit without worries, in a much more convenient and often faster way. No more coming home loaded with shopping bags and wasting evenings going from one place to another, in Cal OnGrocer you will find everything you need.

If your excuse is that you don’t have time to shop, with OnGrocer it’s over! You can easily make your purchase online from anywhere, you just need a phone or a computer, an internet connection and your order will be done! In this way, experts are the ones who adapt to your daily rhythm, offering you different time slots so that you can choose the one you prefer. In the Malaysia and surroundings area, Cal OnGrocer will be your best option. OnGrocer Fresh Vegetables work in two-hour slots from Monday to Saturday to become your trusted online greengrocer.

Do you want to know if OnGrocer delivers to your zip code?

It is very simple, simply with your postal code, OnGrocer will know what your location is, which carrier corresponds to you and what the charges will be for it. Keep in mind that each carrier has different fresh vegetable delivery Malaysia times, but it is assured that in 24-48 hours (depending on the area) OnGrocer will take your order home.

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A Beautiful Townhouse In Kayu Ara

Do you want to move to Kayu Ara and thus, you are looking for a property to purchase? Well, you are just in luck checking this article out as here, you will learn about a beautiful townhouse for sale. This might be just the perfect property for you and your family, and the good news is, because this is located in Kayu Ara, it means that it is also near to the neighboring places like Damansara Utama and so on. 

What’s the good thing about living in a townhouse? Well, you surely feel safe as it is a gated community. There will be security personnel that will watch over the entire subdivision 24/7, so you can just let your kids play within the gated area. 

What can you expect from this townhouse? Check this out:

  • It is good for a big family as the property comes with 3 beds and 3 baths and the property is fully furnished with elegant appliances. So, you can just sell your old things and move in this property with only your personal belongings. Your move should just be comfortable. You will surely love it, especially that the rooms also come with big cabinets. 
  • The place is newly renovated in a tasteful manner and for sure, you will like the result. While you might be able to view each area through the pictures they provided, it will be different if you will really take the time to check the actual property. Thus, if you are just in the area, you should find time to see the property yourself. 
  • There was a balcony in the property before, but now it is converted as a study and thus, it should be perfect for any of your kids and what’s more, it is even move-in ready!
  • And yes, there are of course carparks in which for this unit, two cars can be accommodated. This property should be perfect, so it is best if you give them a call. This should be your next home and for sure, your kids will love this!

Kayu Ara is a village that is near to the popular Utama Mall. It is also close to other big towns and cities and even close to the capital of the country. This is why you should not let this opportunity pass. You should check the property right away as this can be a rare chance for you. 

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How to Surely get Your Bond Money Back

Are you planning to move to a new place in Malaysia and thus you are checking out the Bandar Sri Damansara apartment for rent? Well, though that property is a good choice, you can also check out the Ara Damansara condominium, which is just perfect if there are just 2 or 3 of you. The properties are located in a strategic location, so this should make things easier for you on a daily basis. 

But the stress of moving to a new place is undeniable. Not only that you have to deal with extensive packing, but you also need to see to it that you will leave your place in good condition. Making sure your old apartment is clean and in the same condition as you first got it not only means you are a good citizen but it is also part of the contract for you to get your deposited money. This is the usual procedure of landlords; they will require a deposit for a number of months depending on them as leverage for their rented apartment. It is actually just a fair deal as there are really renters who are irresponsible. So, with this clause included in the contract, it would mean addition chores. However, this can be easily resolved if you will just hire the right people. 

Now, why are they beneficial? Check out below why:

  • As mentioned above, you need to leave the place in the same condition as you first moved in and professional end of lease cleaners are the ones who can surely help you in this ordeal. With them taking care of the place, you can trust that your deposited money will be in your hands before you move. And if by rare chance, your landlord will not be contented with what they did, they can always go back to do it all over again free of charge this time.
  • By making sure your place is perfectly clean, you will be able to focus on other things especially and you probably have so many things to deal with like hiring movers, making sure the apartment you need to move into is ready and many more. 
  • They are surprisingly affordable. Well, with what they can do, they are surely considered affordable. Just make sure though that you will end up with the reliable ones. Check their credentials and see to it that they are with the required documents to legally work.
  • They can certainly do the task a lot faster than if you will choose to do it yourself. Since this is their job like their main their source of income, trust that they are already expert in this field. They will surely make the place shining bright in just a short time.

Your landlord might be a good man, but at the end of the day, he is still a businessman and just like most of the landlords, they will try to hold on to the tenant’s bond money. But then again, you only need to make sure they can’t find a reason to do that. 

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Become A College Student Without Being Broke

Being a college student is a tough thing to be. You’re dependent on your parents and in certain cases you’re using their money for your education and expenses. You might be wondering, “what can I do to reduce their burden and make some money?” A college student who is studying normally can’t get any jobs that might allow them to earn a steady stream of income and in most cases they only work in part-time jobs at the weekends and earn about 80-100 per week. But what if you want to earn more? Here are some ways you can become a college student without constantly being broke.

The first thing you should do is look into jobs that allow you to work flexibly. You can start off by trying MLM jobs. Go to a mlm software development and try out for the MLM jobs there. MLMs are a good way to earn money if you’re planning to work there full-time one day. All you need to do is get clients and your income will soon start coming in. Since you’re in a college, you can use that to your advantage and capture clients within your vicinity. This way you’ll always have a steady stream of income while studying. You’ll also not be very dependent on your parents after that.

You can also try out becoming a secret shopper while being in college. Becoming a secret shopper allows you to do whatever you want to and the only thing you have to contribute is buying for your respective client. Companies pay their clients a lot to secret shoppers to buy products and give it to them. Normally one gets paid their travel allowance, food allowance and also service charge. Some say they even receive up to a hundred for each day of service. You can also shop whenever it’s convenient as you only need to deliver it to your client on time.

Next, you can also try out online jobs that allow you to work remotely such as customer service call agents. Customer service jobs pay a decent wage, and they allow you to work from home or wherever you are.  You can earn maybe 50-100 becoming a customer service agent, you can also work in the evening shift at night if you would like to work on weekdays. This work is a perfect part time job that can be added into a resume and also used to grow your experience. Customer service jobs are a great way to have outlooks on issues and what problems companies face.

You can also work on Fiverr to increase your income. Fiverr is a haven for all freelancers. Freelancers are a great job option for those who are able to do so. If you’re a copywriter with some experience, fiverr is a place who always looks for experienced editors and copywriters for their work. You can also submit lower rates and build your resume from there as well. Lower rates mean more people will come to you for commissions and you can use this experience to build your portfolio for any future endeavours.  

We hope this job opportunity allows for you to work and enjoy your college experience without being broke. Being a college student is a once in a lifetime experience and we hope you have a great time. 

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Making Your Big Day Worth Immortalizing

No doubt of your overexcitement knowing it will just be months and you will be tying the knot with the man whom you love so much. No overflowing feelings can indeed compare to a wedding day. Actually, if you come to think of it, a wedding ceremony is just like an official thing binding the two people who love each other so much. It is a way of announcing to the public that each of you now has the right to each other. It is the day where you are giving yourself to the other person officially. It is like you are announcing to the people witnessing your wedding ceremony that your partner has now the right to call you his and vice versa. 

But the sad thing about weddings is they cannot be witnessed by their future kids. Nevertheless, the full event can still be viewed by them since weddings can be immortalized by wedding photographers. Yes, on this very special day, the wedding photographers are indeed the newlyweds’ best friends.  Through this photographer, their wedding day can be viewed by anybody who wants to even after so many years. But surely you do not want your kids to simply view them; instead, you also want them to feel the happiness and the mixed emotions you have been feeling that day. With the right kind of wedding photographer, this too can be accomplished!

Everyone can indeed call themselves photographers as long as they have cameras and they know how to operate them and that’s it! But for sure you will not be content with only pictures. You surely want the kind of photographers who can also capture everything that’s been happening on your big day, like the happiness of your parents knowing you are going to be in the good hands, but sadness at the same time since you will be parting from them after the ceremony, the overflowing happiness of your husband to be starting a new life with you, and of course your contentment thinking of a happy life ahead. All of these things can be achieved if you have the right kind of wedding photographer on your big day.

It will surely generate a very nice feeling someday if your kids will see how their parents love each other by just watching your pictures because the wedding has captured that as well. A good photographer knows when exactly to click his camera. He knows how to capture all the emotions surrounding the wedding ceremony. 

But the thing is, finding the right person that can immortalize your wedding is not the only issue. The problem is, is your wedding worth immortalizing? This is where you should avail one of the malay themed wedding packages. With the expertise of their providers, you can say indeed that your wedding will be worth documenting and for sure, your future kids will be amazed when watching the videos and pictures later. 


The Mosuo Culture: Where Love Meets Feminism

Have you seen a world where women ruled? I mean literally. 

Let me show you a peek into the world of Mosuo, a Chinese matriarchal society that provides groundbreaking insights. 

The women of Mosuo fight the very cultural norms every day, but their norms are exactly that – norms. Indeed Mosuo men and women are feminists. The type of feminists that the current generation parades for. 

Women are the man of the house, or rather the woman of the house. They are the inheritors, mothers, lovers, and bosses of society. Out of all the roles, they do not hold marriage as a high accomplishment. 

They choose to be lovers and partners over muttering the words “I do” and gamble with marriage the way the rest of the world does.  Marriage is like a gamble, all about playing against the odds and taking on chances with the unforeseeable future, much like what you do at the top online casinos in Malaysia. 

As peculiar and strange it sounds to the rest of the world where we hold monogamy and commitment in high regard, women of muso only regard men as sperm donors. The children are considered fatherless, while the uncle plays the key role as the paternal figure. 

The hectic life of the world is disrupted and challenged by this peculiar culture and we get a glimpse of the world, as it would be if it were matriarchal. 

This Chinese society residing on top at the borders of Tibet is an attraction to almost all tourists. And of course, who wouldn’t be curious about them? But the attraction of the tourists and their disruption into this peaceful life and norms have caused the erosion of this culture. 

Tourists are not the only disruption to this culture and way of living. Schools have been built around the village and education is more accessible. With access to what we consider “normal things” the culture is slowly unraveling. Some of the Mosuo men and women have now walked away from their tribal village, leaving behind their traditional partnerships, the maternal bloodline, and chose to be part of the more patriarchal world.

But this does not take away the awe-inspiring strength, both in mind and physique, uniqueness, and the challenge to discrimination against motherhood and singleness that the Mosuo women have posed over the years. They are active, kind, loving, and certainly will continue to take the world by a storm. 

The kingdom of Mosuo exhibits the feelings, cultures, and traditions that the most patriarchal society dreams of- Independence, women’s rights,  freedom, and the conscious choice of feelings over constringent rules. They are moved by poetry, love, and passion above all else. 

It is also astonishing to imagine that around 60 or 100 years ago the matriarchal society was stronger and steadier than it is now. Right now we are witnessing the unraveling of society. Imagine the state of this small cultural society and how it impacted various aspects of living? 

Was it better for your mental health? Is it better to live in a matriarchal world? How influential and powerful it is to live in one? 

I hope we get to live to answer these questions and the strength of this matriarchal kingdom continues to grow. Steps must be taken to ensure the culture is not disrupted by the commotions of tourists who continue to exorcise the culture. 

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3 Gowns You Can Buy Online To Look Beautiful And Ethereal

3 Gowns You Can Buy Online To Look Beautiful And Ethereal

The clothes make the man, so to speak – and if you want to look radiant and ethereal, like a being born from stars and fire and twilight, then these dresses are for you!

Gowns are a beautiful piece of clothing. Rich silks, glorious velvet, waves of lush fabric that cascade down your hips and pool in ribbons by your feet. Depending on the type of dress, gowns can make you feel beautiful, elegant, and/or powerful when you wear them – and occasionally, you may come across a dress that makes you feel particularly magical, particularly ethereal; like a fairy or a goddess, a creature forged from silver starlight.

There’s a myriad of places that you can potentially buy these stunning dresses from; but considering our current situation of successive lockdowns, it might be safer for everyone involved to buy gowns online. Thankfully, in this age, most of us have access to Internet connection such as Time home fibre Malaysia ; enabling us to buy glorious dresses from all sorts of online vendors with our Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia or other Time fibre package Malaysia.

So if you want to look particularly elegant, here are 3 gowns you can buy online to look beautiful and ethereal!

1. Navy Fairy Falbala Galaxy Maxi Dress

This aptly named gown is a must-buy for fans of myth and stars. Dyed in varying shades of light to deep purple, studded with sequins, and flowing with sheaths of shimmering fabric, this gown will make you look like you’ve been forged from the stars themselves; as though you were some kind of mythical fairy creature, born from stardust and hewn from galaxies, given life through the cosmos that drift above our heads. Every step you take will twirl the starlight hem around your feet, and make the sequins glimmer like galaxies spun through fog.

It truly is a beautiful gown to have!

2. Flowy V-Neck Evening Gown

This beautiful, grey-blue evening dress, with it’s ruffles and flows and ebbing pools of fabric, brings legendary myths like the Lady of the Lake to mind. A grey-blue hue of cascading fabric, this gown looks as though you’re some fairy that has just risen out of the ocean, or the lake; a reigning monarch of the blue waves. You’ll look stunning and powerful as you stride down the curb, the skirt flowing and billowing around your feet, the blue silk frothing like waves against the shore. It’ll almost make you seem distant, otherworldly; like a faefolk or a siren or a danger of the deep, a powerful being given life through water.

3. Zara Beex Women Embroidered Lace Ball Gown Fairy Dress

Ever wanted to look like the Fairy Queen herself?

This stunning, white lace ball gown will make you look like you’ve just stepped out of the forest; glowing with otherworldly power and ethereality, beautiful in joy and terrifying in anger. With flowers embroidered upon the white lace hem and the off-shoulder bodice, it almost looks like sunlight streaming through the trees; as though you emerged in this world from the blossoming dawn. Your hem looks sewn from fairy wings, the lace glimmering with untold magics – are you the Fairy Queen, or something more terrible in actuality? A Beauty born deeper than the Earth, and walking our realm in mortal guise?

Time broadband Malaysia – who can say.


How Does Sportsbooks in Esports Betting Run?

Unikrn’s CEO and co-founder Rahul Sood said that in the past, estimates of chances in traditional or online sports betting were starting to rough. In traditional sports, places will outsource the job of calculating chances to private companies. As expected, you have data providers who are kind of like oddsmakers, and then bookmakers with licenses for oddsmakers. The machinery is purchased from dealers in Nevada by sportsbook firms including American Wagers and Vegas Sports Consultants. Bet Radar contains a list of approved players that offer services to a favorite player.

For Unikrn this was not an option. There were no comparable places for  esports betting when the company was founded — at least not one up to its expectations. To this day, according to its founder, Unikrn is the most detailed esportbook on the planet. The company had to make more but to get there was a long way. But for one League of Legends game, we took between six to nine hours to set up chances. It’s just a minute now. We centralized about 80 percent of it essentially. Then, nearly 20% of the experience is individual.

By ‘human interactions,’ Sood implies the chaos of daily esports, such as the Overwatch pro Félix’s “xQc” Lengyel, who slams homophobic taunts which bench him and releases him from a team later. Two weeks in a season, or two weeks before a game starts, are always shifting, including unexpected changes where a roster shift may occur. It’s difficult to keep up with that unless you watch the industry really.

The explanation why sportsbooks measure odds is to guarantee that hosting bets don’t risk money. If a bet is granted a 1:2 chance to place bets, for example, they will put $10 down and return $15 if they win. If someone else bets ten bucks for the other team, it is simple for the bookie to make the final payoff. Whichever side wins, the bookie must retain the $5 for the winner and compensate for the $15 bag. So if one is betting on the other side, the house would risk 5$ rather than the loser pot.

This is why betting sites want the same amount of money placed on each side of a contest, ensuring that enough is in the pot to be spent on the winners and that a fair house cut is left. Odds are about estimating the choice of bettors for who loses, not who scores. If a site struggles to determine what sort of odds are fair for the sports fans on both sides, the house ultimately loses. Sportsbooks can and will naturally adjust their odds after bettors have made bets, but as a regular correction they do not want to do so.

In the early days, Unikrn had difficulty with this balance. For them, it wasn’t easy but over time they have learnt how to do this, how to properly manage it, and now it is a very successful and very slow service. 

Betway, an entrepreneur who is also conducting sports competitions, is profiting similarly. Betway Group’s head of trading, Jon Russell, stated that they receive no fee on winning bets, only stakes that fail. It is more to us to be right than to be incorrect.

Unlike Unikrn, there is an in-house esport betting program in Betway. Russell explained that the majority of the odds you’re going to be seeing on the website at any one time are created by the indoor team, which are made up of professional traders who built their own mathematical methodologies and algorithms in order to predict outcomes.

Betway Community say that if they think they have a correct prediction, they do not try to keep an even amount of bettors on both sides. They conclude that their clients’ theoretical experience is greater than anything else on the market on many instances and will actively set prices so that we earn the largest stakes on one hand. Betway happily takes chances and plays, but it’s always in the best interests of bet players.